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Prof. Dr. Gerard Jounghyun Kim


Tel: +82-2-3290-3196

Email: gjkim@korea.ac.kr

Interest: HCI/VR, Computer Music, Basketball, College Football


Ph.D student

Kwangyoung Lee (from Samsung)


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email: kwangyonglee@naver.com

Interest: HCI on mobile, AR

Sangyong Lee


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email: xyleez@korea.ac.kr

Interest: DX Design, Usability Estimation, HCI


Sujeong Kim (from Hyundai Motor)


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email: sujeong1.kim@gmail.com

Interest: Connected car, k8s, Travel, Drama


Jihyun Seo (from KIST)


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email: jihyun.seo@wrl.onl

Interest: Computer vision, 3D reconstruction


M.S. student


Sewon Noh (from Republic of Korea Navy)


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email: nsw7345@gmail.com

Interest: Application and Deduction of VR/AR to Naval Defense Development


Heeyoon Jeong


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email: nooyix@korea.ac.kr

Interest: HCI, MR, Tele-presence


Seungyeon Huh (from KIST)


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email: brave.huhsame@gmail.com

Interest: WebXR, DWeb HCI


Jaeeun Kim


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email: jasen0324@korea.ac.kr

Interest: VR/AR, HCI


Yerin Shin


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email: syl43@korea.ac.kr

Interest: HCI, IoT, MR


Songmin Kim


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email: songmin@korea.ac.kr

Interest: VR/AR, HCI


Muhyun Park (from Republic of Korea Navy)


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email: eagle0812@korea.ac.kr

Interest: VR/AR, HCI


Sungjun Lee


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email: zinpolygon35@gmail.com

Interest: VR/AR, HCI



Jun Ryu


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email : rjstarwars@korea.ac.kr

Interest : HCI, AR, VR


Seonghoon Kang


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email : devmrksh@gmail.com

Interest : HCI, AI, MR


Kawn Yoon


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email : yunandy@korea.ac.kr

Interest : HCI, MR


Seungwoo Son


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email : sonseungwoo@korea.ac.kr

Interest : HCI, VR/AR, Computer Music


Seunghoon Park


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email : qkrtmdgns23@gmail.com

Interest : HCI, VR, OOP, Game


Undergraduate student






Ye-chan Yang 


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email : santachan@naver.com

Interest : Haptic, HCI




Keo Kim


Tel: 82-2-3290-3579

Email : keo.kim0808@gmail.com

Interest : VR/AR, HCI



Research Professor

  • Dr. Sangyoon Lee, Research Prof. at College of Optical Science, University of Arizona (UA), Tucson, USA 
  • Dr. Jae-in Hwang at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)



  • Dr. Jonggil Ahn at KT
    SPRinT : design and evaluation of motion based robot interface for teleoperation and telepresence using hand-held device
  • Dr. Youngwon Kim at Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)
    EasyVR: Mobile and Stand-alone Virtual Reality with Touch Interactions and Immersive Experience
  • Dr. Myunghee Lee at KT
    PRESTO: Experience Sampling with On-line Reconfiguration of Experimental Parameters for Comparative Evaluation of Mobile Applications
  • Dr. Youngsun Kim at Samsung Electronics
    Design and application of "out-of-body" 2D illusory vibrotactile feedback for hand-held media devices
  • Dr. Dongsik Jo, Prof. at Ulsan University, Korea
    Effects of avatar's visual form and environment adaptation in mixed reality tele-conference systems
  • Dr. Eui-Jai Ahn at KT
    Salientalert : improving user safety without degrading secondary task performance through modulated information visibility in mobile augmented reality
  • Dr. Jaedong Lee at KT
    Design and Evaluation of Out-of-body Tactile Illusion for Interacting with Virtual/Augmented Object



  • Suhan Park at Coookapps (병역특례)
    Mixing in Reverse Optical Flow to Mitigate Vection and Simulation Sickness in Virtual Reality
  • Taehyung Kim at LG U Plus
    Real-time and On-line Inpainting of Dynamic Objects in Hand-held Mobile Augmented Reality
  • Doil Kwon at Samsung Electronics
    Table-Chair XR 책상과 의자를 활용한 생활공간 속에서의 확장현실 사용환경 디자인 및 검증
  • Hanseob Kim at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
    Make-Believe: Improved User Perception of Virtual Agents via Interactions with Physical Objects in Pervasive Augmented Reality
  • Bin Han at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
    AudienceMR : Extending the Local Space for Large-scale Audience with Mixed Reality for Enhanced Remote Lecturer Experience
  • HyeonAh Choi at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
    Design Space and Platform Requirements for Multi-mode Extended Reality
  • HyungJun Cho at Natgames (병역특례)
    RoadVR : A visual distortion method that matches the actual motion with the virtual motion to reduce motion sickness by vection in the use of VR in the vehicle
  • Chanwoong Lee
    Activity recognition for the elderly and the caregiver
  • Juyoung Lee at SK hynix
    Data Driven Approach to Adaptive Walk-in-Place Navigation in Virtual Reality
  • Jiwon Oh at NCsoft
    The Effects of Onomatopoeia and Body Part Exaggeration to Enrich VR User Experience
  • Minwook Chang at NCsoft (병역특례)
    Real-time Sound-Effects Synthesis of Raw-Waveform Audio with Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Seulki Min
    Effects of Immersive Virtual Reality Contents to Mindfulness and Physiological Signals
  • Yongjae Lee at TmaxSoft (병역특례)
    Active VR 인터액션의 신체 사용 정도와 몰입감
  • Eunbi Seol at NCsoft
    HandyTool: 비유적 방식의 손-도구 매핑을 통한 가상 객체 상호작용 기법
  • Minyoung Lee at LG CNS
    Vouch-T : multimodal text input for mobile devices using voice and touch
  • Seokjun Hong at TmaxSoft (병역특례)
    편리한 360도 영상 시청을 위한 동적 게인 기반의 방향 전환 및 시점 재설정 방법
  • Jaeun Yu, Ph.D student at HCI Lab, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), USA
    Blurry (Sticky) finger : proprioceptive pointing and selection of distant objects for optical see-through based augmented reality
  • Changhyeon Lee 
    TouchSkin : 작은 터치스크린과의 인터랙션을 위한 고유 수용성 감각에 기반한 입력 방법
  • Hyungjoo Lee at Bitnine
    현장 및 원격 환경에서 상호보완적으로 동작하는 AR 저작 프레임워크
  • Dongwoo Lee at Continental
    Development of intuitive motion-based 3D interaction using mobile device
  • Hyobin Kim at Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)
    전방향 화면 기반의 로봇 원격 제어를 위한 사용자 인터페이스에 대한 연구
  • Hyunseok Yang at Ericsson-LG
    무안경 방식 3D 소형 화면 상에서의 객체 선택 방법
  • Jaedong Lee, Ph.D student at DXP Lab, Korea University, Korea
    착각효과에 기반한 가상 및 실제 객체에 대한 촉각 피드백 방법 및 검증
  • Kangyoon Lim at Golfzon
    차별적인 인터랙션 및 이질 인터페이스 장치를 포용하는 소프트웨어 프레임 워크의 설계
  • Jinhyuk Choi at Hyundai Motors
    모바일 프로젝터 기반 증강현실을 위한 상호작용 방법의 디자인 및 평가
  • Bonggyu Jang at Posco ICT R&D Center
    전신상호작용을 위한 고정된 형태의 등척성 인터페이스의 구현과 평가
  • Youngsun Kim, Ph.D student at DXP Lab, Korea University, Korea
    증강현실 컨텐츠를 위한 저작도구 설계
  • Hyeongcheol Kim, Ph.D student at NUS-HCI Lab, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
    다중 객체 제어를 위한 멀티 모달 사용자 인터페이스의 적절한 구성과 평가 방법
  • Eun Kwon at LG Electronics CTO
    투사화면을 이용한 간접적 인간 로봇 상호작용의 분석과 구현
  • Jonggil Ahn, Ph.D student at DXP Lab, Korea University, Korea
    무안경식 다시점 입체 디스플레이를 위한 GPU기반 렌더링 기법
  • Myounghee Lee, Ph.D student at DXP Lab, Korea University, Korea
    감정이입극장 : 멀티모달 인터랙션을 통한 감정 이입적인 비디오 경험 시스템
  • Myungho Lee, Ph.D student at Synthetic Reality Lab, University of Central Florida (UCF), USA
    약하게 결합된 혼합현실
  • Minwoo Choi, Prof. at Yeungjin College, Korea
    모바일 사용자 체험 향상을 위한 볼 기반의 터치-햅틱 인터페이스 설계
  • Jongkyeong Park at LG Electronics
    투사 화면을 이용한 간접적 인간 로봇 상호작용 방법


* Prof. Dr. Gerard Jounghyun Kim came from virtual reality lab (1996~2006), POSTECH, Korea