Welcome to the ISO JTC 1 SC 24 Working Group 9

Mixed and Augmented Reality (MAR) Continuum Concepts and Reference Model

(Updated April, 2016)


n  Latest SC24 WG9 News

u Teleconference held in February 25th, 2016

u MAR Reference Model (18039) submitted for 2nd CD status

u NWIP for MAR Content Information Model submitted for balloting (in process)

u Face to face workshop and WG 9 meeting held on January 13-14, Seoul, Korea

u New numbers assigned to the two work items

n  18038 Sensor Representation for MAR

n  18040 Live Actor Representation for MAR


n  Subcommittee (SC) 24 Working Group (WG) 9

SC 24 is a subcommittee under ISO JTC 1 with the official title as COMPUTER GRAPHICS, IMAGE PROCESSING, AND ENVIRONMENTAL DATA REPRESENTATION. The accompanying scope or area of work includes standardization of interfaces for information technology based applications relating to: computer graphics, image processing, environmental data representation, augmented reality continuum, and interaction with, and presentation of, information.

A working group within a subcommittee is intended to cover and focus on a specific topic and add support to the activities of SC24.  WG 9s mission is to investigate and carry out standardization activities in the area of mixed and augmented reality.  We will also collaborate closely with other SDOs and try to avoid any redundancy or conflicts. The Scope of activity authorized for WG 9 is embodied by its Terms of Reference. The following terms of reference describe of its WG9s activities:

n  Current work items

There currently are four official work items as follows:

u MAR Reference Model (18039) – 2nd CD status (in balloting)

u Sensor representation for MAR (18038) – Preparing for CD

u Live Actor representation for MAR (18040) – Preparing for CD

u Benchmark for MAR (18520) - Preparing for CD


n  Joining SC 24 WG 9

You can join SC 24 WG 9 and contribute to the standardization activities for MAR (1) as a member of national body (NB), and (2) as an invited expert by an NB representative of by the convener (Gerard J. Kim, gjkim@korea.ac.kr).


Once you are permitted to join, you will be added to the e-mail list and will be invited to the tele-conferences (via the Webex conferencing software) and other activities.


n  Documents

All official ISO documents are available at ISO.org. Certain ones are protected and can be viewed and downloaded with access grants by ISO.  Those that are categorized as publicly accessible documents can be requested to the convener individually by e-mail.


n  For more information

Contact the convener, Gerard J. Kim at gjkim@korea.ac.kr