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Augmented Reality Continuum (ARC)
Concepts and Reference Model

(Updated Oct. 13, 2012)


SC24 WG9 News

u Teleconference postponed to Nov. 21st


November 21, 8 am, Korea time
November 21, 12 pm (noon), Australia/NZ
November 20, 19 00 pm, New York / EST
November 20, 16 00 pm, LA / PST
November 21, 1 00 am, London / Paris / Europe



- AR Ref. Model review (scope and principles)

- SC 29 AR RM TR review

- Any other things that the participants want to talk about

- Decide on dates for next meeting


Check the invitation for how to join the teleconference, or send mail to gjkim@korea.ac.kr

u Regular teleconferencing is to be held every two months on the first Wednesday.  The first one will be held on Nov. 7th.  To join, you need to first get a Webex account by simply sending an email to webconferencing@iso.org, simply asking for an account for the purpose of attending the WG 9 teleconference meetings.  Further instructions will be mailed to you.  The tentative schedule and official invitation is as follows.

u  1st Meeting

November 21, 8 am, Korea time
November 21, 12 pm (noon), Australia/NZ
November 20, 19 00 pm, New York / EST
November 20, 16 00 pm, LA / PST
November 21, 1 00 am, London / Paris / Europe

u  2nd Meeting:

Jan 9, 6 am, Korea time

Jan 9, 10 am, Australia/NZ

Jan 8, 17 00 pm, New York / EST

Jan 8, 14 00 pm, LA / PST

Jan 8, 23 00 pm, London / Paris / Europe


u A face-to-face third WG 9 will be held in late January, 2013 in Seoul, Korea.  Details will be posted later.  If interested in attending, please send mail to the convener (gjkim@korea.ac.kr).  Get official invitation and logitics information here.

u The second WG 9 meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium last August, 2012 as part of the SC 24 Plenary meeting.  Progresses were reported as to ARC standardization and three work item proposals were approved to be put on voting.  The three work item proposals were for (1) ARC Reference Model, (2) ARC Reference Modules for Physical Sensors and (3) ARC Reference Modules for Real Characters.  Get the SC 24 official documents from the meeting here and get the NWIPs here.

u The latest ARC Reference model draft is posted on the forum.

u The first inaugural official WG 9 meeting was held in Seoul, Korea on Nov. 17th.  In this meeting, the members and participants have agreed on several things for the sake of ARC standardization.

u All the official documents out of the meeting can be downloaded here.


n SC 24 (Subcommittee 24)

SC 24 is a subcommittee under ISO JTC 1 with the official title as COMPUTER GRAPHICS, IMAGE PROCESSING, AND ENVIRONMENTAL DATA REPRESENTATION.  The accompanying scope or area of work includes standardization of interfaces for information technology based applications relating to: computer graphics, image processing, environmental data representation, augmented reality continuum, and interaction with, and presentation of, information.

n WG 9: Augmented Reality Continuum Concepts and Reference Model

A working group within a subcommittee is intended to cover and focus on a specific topic and add support to the activities of SC24.

Working Group 9 was newly created in August of 2011 at the latest SC24 Plenary meeting.  Its main mission is to investigate the reference models (RM) of ARC (Augmented Reality Continuum, see below for exact definitions of terms) and for producing a suitable ARC reference model.  We will also collaborate closely with other SDOs and try to avoid any redundancy or conflicts.

The Scope of activity authorized for WG9 is embodied by its Terms of Reference. The following terms of reference describe of its WG9s activities:

        To identify the architectural elements of ARC RM

        To study the relationships between ARC RM elements and define appropriate interfaces between them

        To develop a general purpose reference model that shows the ARC RMl elements along with their interrelationships

        To study and identify one or more abstract levels that can support platform independence over a wide variety of platform types

        To identify available standards that support one or more of the ARC RM elements


n Terms

We define the terms as below to meet the need to express the entire spectrum from Physical Reality to Virtual Reality including Mixed Reality (the combination of Augmented Reality and Augmented Virtuality).

Augmented Reality is that subset of Mixed Reality in which the physical world is augmented by virtual information while Augmented Virtuality is that subset of Mixed Reality in which the virtual world is augmented by physical information.

The boundaries between the four aspects running from physical world to virtual world are not precise and, in fact, support an entire continuum of realities which we define to be the term Augmented Reality Continuum (ARC).


As part of the ARC Reference model standards, we are in the process of collecting important terms and their definitions.  For the on-going list and their definition, refer to the latest ARC Reference model draft in the forum bulletin board.


n For more information

Contact the convener, Gerard J. Kim at gjkim@korea.ac.kr


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